Eight state-of-art laboratories The College consists of eight well equipped laboratories -four for Science, two for Computer Science, one for Geography and one for Mathematics.

College Library

Two libraries The College has two libraries, one each in the senior and junior wings with approximately 1150 titles. The Senior Library has a Career Guidance Corner with books related to competitive exams.

Science Park

Self maintained Science Park. Science Park wherein the students can learn the simple concepts of science while having fun with the rides. The College also has a Herbal Garden which boasts of many herbs and plants of medicinal value; all being taken care of by the students.


Cafeteria Cafeteria is the place where students relax, unwind and recharge after a hard day at the Kritika Nursing College . Kritika Nursing College has a cafeteria that can accommodate around 200-300 students at any point of time for refreshment, lunch etc.